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I HEART posting to dead communities. Yeah, the 3-OH-5 LGBTIQQA activist community. - Searching for Julian

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November 1st, 2005

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03:36 pm - I HEART posting to dead communities. Yeah, the 3-OH-5 LGBTIQQA activist community.
This is another faux-entry: pay attention, don't be thick.

I need volunteers— again. Comment back or e-mail me at jreyes@thetaskforce.org (or any of my other e-mails) if you have nothing to do this weekend and would love to hang out with people creating change.

What: The Ninth Annual Miami Recognition Dinner, honouring Mark Leno (SanFran mayor/ LGBT proponent), Richard Milstein (community man/ lawyer), and the president of Spain (for legalising marriage equality there).
Where: Loews Miami Beach Hotel. If you can get to my house, you may just be able to get to the Loews on South Beach. I will be leaving my house early though... Hit me up if you need bus schedules and such.
1601 Collins Avenue,
Miami Beach, Florida 33139
phone: 305-604-1601

We need people to be greeters and ushers. It's SO EASY and you get community service hours + FOOD. I will make up the amount of hours even for those of you who need them. Wear black slacks and a black long-sleeve shirt. Do not wear your nice clothes unless you're coming a bit before the event. You can change and shower in the hotel.
Official event info

Here's the schedule: you do not have to volunteer the WHOLE FREAKING NIGHT. ;)
3 PM Set up
5 PM Volunteer check-in/ training
5:45 Volunteer meal
6:15 Greet/ Chec-in setup
6:30 Guests start to arrive
6:45 VIP Cocktail Reception
7:30 Cocktail reception
9:00 Dinner and Program
10:00 Dancing
12:00 Break down
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