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This community started when I was chilling with my homies melanie and yesenia at sunset place, one of our favorite miami hot spots of rampant consumerism and trend-whoring. Melanie and I were utterly fascinated by the array of styles and subcultures represented by the local shoppers and mall-rats. So yes, it's true, we started taking people's photos WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT and soon after this community was created and the picture posting began.

The truth is that I am a sincere appreciator of "alternative" fashions. If your picture shows up here, please don't take it the wrong way. It doesn't mean that you are "scene" or a poser, it just means that the person who posted your photo liked the outfit you were wearing. Don't pretend like people who care about what they wear are losers, it's not like we don't all make conscious choices about our clothing (whatever those choices may be). It seems obvious that we should all be happy we have those choices, even if they are strongly influenced by outside forces.

That's what the community is about, celebrating people who make interesting choices of clothing.

despite the name, it is NOT about scene kids.

~this community is based out of miami, but we are interested in seeing fashions from all over the place
~do not stalk people all the way to their house, only in public places
~you can ask to take their photo, if you prefer being up front about it
~YES, if you request it to be done, I will remove your photo from this community
~Though we like people who splendidly showcase specific subcultures (goth, punk, emo, chonga, mod, etc.) we like people who defy all social conventions even more.
~we do not much enjoy pictures of hollister, abercrombie, etc. though CLASSY preps are OK
~Ghetto Fabulous is cool too, but not ghetto-UNfabulous
~pictures of yourself wearing a cool outfit are good, but NO CAMWHORING PLZ, thats what myspace is for
~I don't give a shit if you promote something, but why can't you people ever post a picture along with it?
~and finally, No, I don't think anybody actually posts in this community besides myself. THAT IS WHY YOU SHOULD JOIN AND DO IT.



LJ: mrjasen / AIM: SpazmotikX

LJ: artgrrlnet / AIM: weezer girl

currently accepting applications for a new co mod, because nat is a silly nerd who plays video games ALL THE TIME